New Train Table

Here is the new 2nd Table (on the left) installed next to the original Thomas the Train Table (on the right).

New Train Table Addition

The respective surface areas are 30″x78-5/8″ (left) and 35-1/8″x59-1/2″ (right).

They are built using:

  • 1″x4″ – 8′ common boards
  • 1/2″ 4’x8′ MDF Panels
  • 1″ 2’x2′ Owens Corning Foamular Project Panels

The 1/2″ thick MDF Panels are inserted into a 1/2″ dado running around the side boards. The tables are then covered in Foamular Project Panels, glued down with foam friendly Loctite PL300 Foamboard Adhesive. Foamular is available in single panels large enough to cover the tables, but these 2’x2′ panels are more easily transported home in a sedan.

The new table top was constructed on April 20th, and the legs on April 29th.

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