Mattie Mountain – June 2

Here is progress at the end of June 2:

Mattie Mountain - June 2 - #1

Well, did not progress as planned enclosing the tunnel on the left. Mattie wants one or two cameras in the tunnel to watch the trains pass through. Need to do some googling and find a small camera preferably with wifi interface.

Spent some time in AnyRail to resolve how the 3 tracks will cross on the right table. Eventually had to trace the as-built of that area on to a large piece of paper and lay it out by hand. Of course the final layout requires buying a different crossing.

Spent the past two days reading up on DCC, DCC wiring, blocks, block occupancy detectors, and auto reversing section controllers.  Realized while doing this reading there was one reverse loop in the layout – which is what you get when you have your head buried in a track layout program that does not understand electrical wiring; there is a 2nd reverse loop in the layout posted on May 23, but this one has been eliminated). Wow what a learning curve!

Have a plan for the wiring buses, feeders, and blocks. Will update the layout to reflect and post that soon.

Today, finished installing the risers and inclines in the area where the 3 tracks cross on the right table. All the foam is installed now.

Next up: installing plaster cloth on all the track portions, and installing track.

P.S. Added 2 great websites on model railroad wiring to the resources page.