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func integrateWordPressAndTNG() {

if me.amNotGenealogyNerd { return }

if me.amNotWebsiteDeveloper  { return }



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This website was originally hosted on WordPress.com and used the Twenty Ten theme.

Then in Feb 2018, we wanted to add new functionality to the website to support sharing our family history and family tree—functionality that was unfortunately not supported by WordPress.com. This led us to move to a web hosting solution that would still support WordPress well.

The website is now hosted on SiteGround.com and built using the following:

The TNG content was wrapped inside the WordPress theme using these instructions (or alternatively these instructions) which document the Cees Kloosterman method.

It took us about 5 full days to learn enough TNG, PHP, and CSS during two unsuccessful attempts at configuring the website on a local host to then incorporate TNG into the website for real.

The successful integration took about 8 hours, resulting in a TNG template 12 mytngstyle.css that was good enough at matching the look-and-feel of TNG template 12 to the WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme.

Extensive customization of the CSS was required to reconcile conflicts between the WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme style.css, the TNG genstyle.css, and the TNG template 12 templatestyle.css, and was accomplished all in the TNG template 12 mytngstyle.css.

T.N.G Colouring Book was used to generate a first cut at the color palette changes to match TNG template 12 to the WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme. But we then just used its generated CSS file as a guide for the next step below.

Lots of manual tweaks were then made using Apple’s Safari Web Inspector to figure out what needed to be changed. Just check the checkbox for Show Develop menu in menu bar under Safari ‘s preferences advanced panel, and then enter option-command-I to enter the Web Inspector. This is a great way to learn CSS also.

Then a couple hours to fiddle with the .htaccess file, fix a few things with the URL structure, and finally flip the switch on the DNS from WordPress.com to SiteGround.com.

TNG is currently used on the pages reached at :

Menu > Our Genealogy > Our Family Tree

Menu > Our Genealogy > Tree Starting @ MKS

Feel free to contact us via the contact page for more info.

Update – 20 Apr 2018: The TNG Ancestor Map mod has now been installed on the website. This mod displays a map with all the places associated with an individual’s ancestors.

Update – 9 May 2018: TNG Version 12.0 has now been installed on the website.

WARNING: This website has only been tuned for desktop use, and admittedly only for Safari at this point. It needs some work for mobile device use, but does work pretty well already on an iPhone and iPad.