Finding Mary Ann Crow

The parents of Mary Ann Crow (1855-1893), wife of John Henry Spratlin and 3rd great-grandmother of MKS, have been found after an almost 5 year search.

If only there was a way to automatically apply Tree Rules (e.g. Rule 1: Look Up, Look Down) to our entire family tree once the lesson is learned.

John, age 14, is listed in the 1860 US Census living in Wilkes County, Georgia, with his parents and siblings.

John, age 24, is then listed in the 1870 US Census (see below, row 26) living in Tompkins, Putnam County, Georgia, working as a farm laborer for Robert R. Waller and family (rows 21-25).

Just apply Rule 1 to the 1870 Census, and voila!

There is Mary A. Crow, age 15, living “next door” (on row 30) with her parents, William Crow and Louisa E. Crow, and 5 siblings. We will assume this is where John and Mary Ann met.

We have been unable to locate a marriage record for John and Mary Ann so far. But we can assume they married 2 or 3 years later, as their son William Henry Spratlin Sr was born on 23 Nov 1873.

From this discovery, we have now been able to confirm many additions and identify many potential additions to the family tree including:

  • the new surnames Bailey, Barnard, Brent, Buller, Coane, Connelly, Davidson, Denson, Dobyns, Durham, Early, Ellys, Griffin, Haynes, Hunter, Jenkins, Johnson, Lovell, McLeroy, Night, Nutt, Oldham, Parker, Sheffield, Small, Staley, Stone, Stroud / Strode, Unick, Upton, and Wilkins
  • immigrants for 5 of these lines
    • Bailey, from England to Virginia, 1600’s
    • Durham, from Scotland to Virginia, 1700’s
    • Lovell, from England to New Jersey, 1600’s
    • Parker, from England to Virginia, 1600’s
    • Stroud / Strode, from England to New Jersey, 1700’s
  • more than 150 additional family members

Mary Ann Crow (1855-1893) is 3rd great-grandmother of MKS in the Spratlin branch.

PVT William Crow (18345-1882) and Louisa Evaline Griffith (1831-1900) are 4th great-grandparents of MKS in the Spratlin branch.