Prefer Your Tree on Paper from Trees?

Most of us still prefer paper over electrons, whether it is greeting cards (72%), being repaid in cash (67%), the option for paper bills and statements (64%), books (63%), airplane tickets (61%), and especially to-do lists—there is no sense of satisfaction in a to-do completed unless you can scratch it off your list not once, not twice, but three times with a Magnum Sharpie just for good measure.

So where is your paper family tree, you ask? Well, go ahead family, ask.

We can create a variety of family tree charts and even get them printed at MyCanvas by Alexanders, Ancestry Graphics & Printing, or several other services. Or we can generate a PDF, and you can cut down your own trees and take care of the rest.

And with a little more work on your part, ok a lot, we can add photographs of family members. How much room do you have?