Photo Friday—Hannah High School, 1926-1927

Hannah High School, 1926-1927.

Back row:
Lucille Porter, 2nd from right

Front row:
Earl Skene, 8th from left (David Oliver Earl Skene)

Comparing Lucille in this photo with several graduation photos, this photo is probably from earlier in the period of 1923-1927.

This photo is from Lucille’s 102-page photo album. Many more to come!

[Updated 14 Sep 2018] A copy of this photo was located in the Griggs County Museum in Cooperstown, North Dakota. That copy identifies this as the 1926-1927 school year. It also identifies a number of the students in the photo, but does not indicate where they are in the photo. They are listed below. Those listed in italics can be found in the Hannah centennial book. [2]

V.A. Watson
Joe Keaveny (Joseph)
Kermit Mowbray
John Ross
Jim Black
Earl Skene (identified by two relatives as 8th from the left in the front row)
Bernie Keaveny
Norman Ewen
Leslie Collins
Bill Valentine
Omar Warberg
Carmen Hunt
Glen McGuire

Hannah Elva Lucille Porter (1909-1997) is great-grandmother of MKS in the Watne branch.

[1] KMS Family Genealogy Digital Archive, Hannah Elva Lucille Porter Watne collection (photograph).
[2] Hannah, 1896-1996 (Hannah, ND: Hannah History Book, 1996).