Windsor, Connecticut Colony, 1654

Plan of Ancient Windsor, 1640-1654, from The Phelps Family of America and Their English Ancestors, 1899.

In our post of 1 May 2018, we met Robert White, his wife Bridget Allgar White, and four of their children—John, Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna—who immigrated to America during the Puritan Great Migration.

This is a map of Windsor, Connecticut Colony,  in 1654—24 years after its settlement in 1630.

Note these names and places in the bottom-middle of the map, to the left of the title Plan of Ancient Windsor:

  • Joseph Loomis
  • John Porter
  • Trading House, 1633

The trading post was established by the Plymouth colonists in 1633.

Joseph, John, and their families settled in Windsor in 1638, eight years after its settlement.

Mary White (1590-1652) and Joseph Loomis (1590-1658) are 11th great-grandparents of MKS in the Knight branch.

Anna White (1600-1648) and John Porter (1594-1648) are 11th great-grandparents of MKS in the Knight branch.