Site TNG Upgraded to Version 12.0

The software that powers the family tree portion of this site, The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG), was upgraded to Version 12.0 this morning.

Here are the changes visitors will most easily encounter:

  • A First Name List, like the previously existing Surname List, has been added so you can now see how frequently each first name appears in the family tree. Both of these pages now list the top 50 names. Pie charts have been added to show the relative frequency of each name.
  • Pie charts have been added to the Statistics page to show the proportion of males to females and living to deceased, as well as the proportion of each media type (photos, documents, headstones, histories, recordings, and videos) in the family tree.
  • The Calendar page now displays the year of each event.

There are many other improvements in Version 12.0, but most of these are only of interest to the administrator of the site. A complete list can be found on the TNG website at the link above.