Wetherbee Trailblazers

We own much of what we know about the Wetherbee line of the family tree to the work of these relatives:

  • Carl Weatherbee and his wife, Lucile Westwood Weatherbee, of Decatur, Illinois (yes, that is Weatherbee with an “a”)
  • Ethel Wetherbee Mazza, of Rochester, New Hampshire

From 1977 to 1995, they published the Weatherbee Round-Up: A Newsletter for Weatherbee Descendents. The newsletter focused on the descendants of several immigrants to America: John Wetherbee of Marlboro, Massachusetts; Thomas Wetherbee who also settled in Massachusetts; Bartholomew Wetherbee who settled in the early 1600’s in Virginia; Edmund and Whitehead Weatherby of Southern New Jersey.

Here is how they described their newsletter members …

Spelling of Family Name

The name Weatherbee is spelled in many ways. Among the common ways are Wetherbee, Weatherbee, Wetherby, Weatherby, Witherbee, Witherby. There are at least 40 different spellings of the name.

Regardless of how you spell your name, if it is a Wetherbee (or a name that sounds similar to it), or if you have a Weatherbee ancestor, we invite you to become a member of the Weatherbee Family Association and receive the Weatherbee Round-Up which is distributed about 12 times per year.

Weatherbee Round-Up

Here is our local copy on the shelves of the Denver Public Library. We would love to get our hands on Volumes 1 through 4.

In the Weatherbee Round-up, Ethel was the editor for the John Wetherbee (1642-1711) line—our Wetherbee branch.

From this two decades of research as well as earlier research by a group she called the Round Robins, Ethel compiled John Wetherbee of Stow and Marlboro Massachusetts, published by New Hampshire Printers in 1991. This book presents the first five generations of descendants of immigrant John Wetherbee.

Today, 18 May, is Ethel’s birthday. Happy Birthday Ethel!

And thank you Carl, Lucille, Ethel, and the many, many contributors to the Weatherbee Round-Up.

Carl Weatherbee (1916-1993) is 3rd cousin 2x removed of MKS in the Wetherbee branch.

Voila Lucile Westwood (1923-2001) is wife of 3rd cousin 2x removed Carl Weatherbee in the Wetherbee branch.

Ethel Huckins Wetherbee (1926-1995) is 6th cousin 3x removed of MKS in the Wetherbee branch.

John Wetherbee (1642-1711) is 9th great-grandfather of MKS in the Wetherbee branch.