10,000 and Counting

Admittedly a large tree. But, there are much larger trees on ancestry.com—a few with over 250,000 people. So we can point to them when we are labeled obsessed—ok, maybe we are just a little.

We never set out to compile a big tree. We have been lucky that our family tree has been relatively easy to research as much of it reaches so far back in America.

Who gets added to the tree? There are 5 primary groups of people we take the time to add:

  1. Our direct ancestors—they are our primary goal.
  2. The children and cousins of our direct ancestors—the further back in time we go, the more it becomes necessary to research the children and cousins of our ancestors in order to confidently identify an ancestor, versus another person with a similar name living nearby.
  3. Trees from genealogy research of our family we wish to capture for posterity—Una Mae Davey Porter’s Hannah-Adams Genealogy, 1848-Present is a good example; her complete tree has now been added to our tree to help make her research available to others.
  4. Specific lines down to key DNA matches that have helped confirm our family tree.
  5. Specific lines down to famous cousins, like US Presidents, often revealed to us by ancestry.com’s We’re Related app.

Who was the 10,000 person?

You will have to find them yourself. Here are a few hints:

  • They are in the Watne branch.
  • Their last name is Adams.
  • They were born in Canada.

You will know them with you find them. A fact has been added to their profile indicating they were the 10,000th family member added.