Photo Friday—Bison Woodcarving by John Vatne

Bison Woodcarving by John Vatne.

John Vatne carved this bison sculpture in wood, presumably after he arrived in North Dakota from Norway in 1888. That would make it between 118 and 130 years old.

He carved it from a single piece of wood, except for the two horns, also of wood, and the two ears of leather. It is about 5 inches tall.

John also carved a horse and an elephant, both of similar size.

The Nevland family, who purchased the Lars and Sophia Watne farm in about 1940, preserved these family artifacts. Thank you to them!

Jonas (John) Villumson Vatne (1827-1900) is 3rd great-grandfather of MKS in the Watne branch.

Lars Jonassen Vatne (1872-1948) and Sophia Tonnesdatter Tjorn (1877-1963) are 2nd great-grandparents of MKS in the Watne branch.