18,588 and Counting

After our major breakthrough in May 2021 for the Spratlin line, proving the widely-held belief that James Spratling (1742–1812) was the son of John Spradlin (1712–1769) and Mary English (1713–1756) was pure fiction, fake genealogy, we were not able to make any further progress on this line in 2022.

During 2022, we continued to invest considerable time improving the Knight family profiles on WikiTree in an effort to more widely disseminate recent research into the Knights of colonial Virginia. This effort has progressed well. Captain Peter Knight and Merchant Peter Knight are now shown there correctly as two different people, and the Knight-Basse marriage and lineage are now labeled as disputed.

As a result, we did not spend much time researching other lines, and did not add many new family members to our family tree in 2022.