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— John Adams

18,312 and Counting

Our focus shifted in 2021 from the Watne branch to the Spratlin and Knight branches. In May 2021, we made a major breakthrough in the Spratlin line, realizing the widely-held belief that James Spratling (1742–1812) was the son of John Spradlin (1712–1769) and Mary English (1713–1756) was pure fiction, fake genealogy. We also invested considerable time improving the Knight family profiles on WikiTree in an effort to more widely disseminate recent research into the Knights of colonial Virginia.

At the end of 2021, there were 18,312 family members in our family tree.

Plantagenet Ancestry of William Farrar I

In Sisley Jordan Farrar—Ancient Planter, we met Sisley’s husband William Farrar I. William is a descendant of an Angevin (i.e. Plantagenet) King of England—King Edward I of England. [1]

Portrait in Westminster Abbey, thought to be of Edward I.

Here is the line from King Edward I of England to William Farrar I:

13. Edward I of England, King of England (1239–1307)
> m. Alianore de Castille

12. Joan of England [of Acre]
> m. Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Glouchester

11. Alianor de Clare
> m. Hugh le Despenser, 2nd Lord Despenser

10. Edward Despenser, Knight
> m. Anne de Ferrers

9. Edward Despenser, 4th Lord le Despenser
> m. Elizabeth de Burghersh

8. Anne Despenser
> m. Hugh Hastings, Knight

7. Edward Hastings, Knight
> m. Muriel de Dinham

6. John Hastings, 9th Lord Hastings
> m. Anne Morley

5. Elizabeth Hastings
> m. Robert Hildyard

4. Katherine Hildyard
> m. William Girlington

3. Isabel Girlington
> m. Christopher Kelke

2. William Kelke
> m. Thomasine Skerne

1. Cecily Kelke
> m. John Farrar

0. William Farrar I (1583–1637)
> m. Sisley NN (Bayley) (Jordan) (Farrar)

Sisley NN (1600–1637) is 11th great-grandmother of MKS in the Knight branch.

William Farrar I (1583–1637) is 11th great-grandfather of MKS in the Knight branch.

King Edward I of England (1239–1307) is 10th great-grandfather of William Farrar I, and 24th great-grandfather of MKS in the Knight branch.

[1] David Faros, Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1996).

17,350 and Counting

The early part of 2020 was devoted to finding Alpheus Adam’s maternal line using a combination of genetic genealogy and old-fashion research into the history of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Canada and the United States. And 2020 closes as we found possible parents for Andrew Porter Sr. in County Donegal, Ireland.

At the end of 2020, there were 17,350 family members in our family tree.

Jacqueline Knight’s First Photo

Jacqueline Anne Knight’s first photo, 1940.

Today we celebrate the 81st anniversary of the birth of Jacqueline Anne Knight.

This photo is one of several in a batch all labeled First Picture, each with Jackie and her mother Marion in basically the same pose.

The handwritten notation on verso is:

Marion Elizabeth Chapman Knight
Jacqueline Anne Knight
First Picture
563 Woodlawn Ave
N. Augusta S. C.

Levi and Marion Chapman Knight roomed at 56 Woodlawn Avenue in North Augusta, South Carolina, from before 22 Oct 1939 (Jackie’s birth) through at least 30 Apr 1940 (1940 US Census).

Woodlawn Avenue was later split into East Woodlawn and West Woodlawn, and the houses were renumbered. Today, 56 Woodlawn Avenue is 214 West Woodlawn Avenue. The house there was built in 1902.

But this photo does not look like that house. The house in the photo is clearly numbered 53. And the address notation on the photo has been changed from 56 to 53 Woodlawn Ave.

Levi and Marion actually roomed in the cottage behind the main house, and the cottage had a number at the time. Here is another photo taken a few months later in front of the main house.

Jacqueline Anne Knight, 5 and a half months.

The house and cottage are both still there, and look virtually identical to these photos from 1940.

Thank you to the Arts and Heritage Center of North Augusta for researching the address change, and identifying the location of the first photo as the cottage.

Marion Elizabeth Chapman (1917-1963)  is great-grandmother of MKS in the Knight branch.

Jacqueline Anne Knight (1939–2007) is grandmother of MKS in the Knight branch.

[1] KMS Family Genealogy Digital Archive, Jacqueline Anne Knight Spratlin collection (photographs).