Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant

Lt. Gen. Grant at City Point (Appomattox Manor) with his wife Julia and son Jesse, 1864.

From Jun 1864 to Apr 1865, "Cousin" Grant directed the Siege of Petersburg from his headquarters on the lawn of Appomattox Manor on the Eppes Plantation, owned by the Eppes family since 1635, and owned by Dr. Richard Eppes at the time.

Ulysses S. Grant is 6th Cousin 6x removed of MKS.

Dr. Richard Eppes is 5th great-grandson of Capt. Francis Eppes and Marie Pawlett, who are 12th great-grandparents of MKS.

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John Wetherbee II Home

John Witherby (Wetherbee) II (1675-1720) and his wife Catherine Whitcomb (1678-1723) settled in Stow, Massachusetts, and built their home at what is now 187 Hill Rd, Boxborough, Massachusetts. About 1783, the town of Boxborough was carved out of a portion of Stow, hence the home is now in Boxborough.

The home is listed by the Boxboro Historical Commission as a historically significant building eligible to be nominated to the National Register of Historical Places.

They are 8th great-grandparents of MKS.