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Spratlin branch

This is a compilation of sources, with proper citations, for the Spratlin(g) surname. Included are surname variants: Spradlin, Spradlin, Spradling, Spratlen.

Wetherbee branch

In the 1600’s, the Wetherbees were among the early settlers of what is now the town of Boxborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Boxborough was formed in 1783 from parts of the towns of Stow, Harvard, and Littleton.

Watne branch

Henry Proctor II (1770-1827) was one of early settlers of Newmarket, a Quaker settlement Timothy Rogers helped create known as the Yonge Street Monthly Meeting. In 1801, Lieutenant Governor Simcoe granted Rogers 40 farms of 200 acres each along Yonge Street in what was then York, Upper Canada (now Toronto, Ontario, Canada).

In the second half of the 1840’s, the Gallaghers, Hannahs, Porters and several other affiliated families emigrated from Ireland to Manvers, Durham County, Canada West (now Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada).

Many members of these families (and their own families) then removed together west across Canada, many eventually settling in Hannah, Cavalier County, North Dakota in the 1880’s.

The first document (spreadsheet) tracks specific families through the censuses of Canada and the United States from 1851 to 1921.

The second document (map) attempts to identify associated family members and other associated families by identifying lots specific families lived on in Manvers in 1851. Census of Canada West records of 1851 are compared to Tremaine’s Map of the County of Durham, Upper Canada, 1861.

Families’ census records (e.g. 25:11-19—page 25, rows 11-19 as found on Ancestry.com) are shown on the map. Families living next to or close to each other are more likely to be associated.

The other affiliated families include Walker, Kerr, Virtue, and Montgomery.

Note: The high resolution, digital version of Tremaine’s Map of the County of Durham, Upper Canada, 1861, was kindly provided to us by the University of Toronto Libraries, Map and Data Library.