SC: Shared Clustering Wiki Supplement

This is a work in progress, started on Friday, 27 Mar 2020.

We don't yet know what form this effort will take, or what
content will be created. Other efforts may overtake it, and
it may be abandoned at any time.

Feedback on this content is welcome through the contact page,
and may additionally affect what topics we work on, and the
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Shared Clustering Wiki

Shared Clustering Wiki Supplement

This Supplement leverages the existing Shared Clustering wiki.
So you will bounce back and forth between this site and the
wiki using links in these pages and the previous page button
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Spreadsheet Tips & Tricks

These spreadsheet Tips & Tricks are written for Microsoft Excel.
Most spreadsheet applications have similar functionality, but
the menus may differ in appearance and the steps may vary.


In a clustering analysis, we are primarily looking at our
matches in their role as a shared match, appearing on an
AncestryDNA Shared Matches page.

Throughout this supplement, we will refer to our DNA matches
generally as matches, as well as when we are referring to them
appearing on an AncestryDNA Matches page.

We will refer to them as shared matches when we are referring to
them appearing on an AncestryDNA Shared Matches page.
In this supplement, surnames of real individuals appearing in
cluster diagrams are anonymized several different ways including
using the military phonetic spelling alphabet (i.e. Alfa, Bravo,
Charlie, …).

Abbreviations and Acronymns



Match—any of the DNA matches with Test; listed on AncestryDNA’s Test’s DNA Matches page

Shared Match—any of the shared matches between Test and Match; listed on AncestryDNA’s Shared Matches tab for Match

Shared Match Pair—any two shared matches of Match. [this is a new term and we welcome input on its suitability or an alternative]

Test—all the data in the diagram is for one AncestryDNA kit, the Test kit