SC: What’s In Our Workflow Toolbox?

Purpose: List what is in our workflow toolbox.
Level: Beginner
Format: List

Politics, religion, tools. Enough said.

These are the tools in our genetic genealogy toolbox. There are a few others lying around we’ve forgotten.

  • Microsoft Excel—cluster diagram viewer and Notes editor
  •—primary DNA test site; DNA match and Notes database; primary family tree and tree editor
  • A couple other DNA test portals
  • Family Tree Maker [macOS, Windows]—tree editor for bulk find-and-replace updates; relationship calculator
  • macOS Reminders [macOS]—to-do list
  • Zotero [macOS, Windows, and Linux]—”free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share research”
  • Paste [macOS]—”your personal clipboard time machine.” Updating the notes for our matches in the clustering diagram involves a lot of copy-and-paste. Find a good clipboard manager for your operating system. Paste works well for us on the Mac.